Saudi Arabia condemns aggression launched by Turkish army against areas in North East Syria

Riyadh, An official source of the foreign ministry expressed today the condemnation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of the aggression launched by Turkish army against areas in north east Syria, considering the move as a flagrant offensive on the unity, independence and sovereignty of the Syrian territories.

The source expressed the concern of the Kingdom towards that aggression as it represents a threat to the regional security and peace, underscoring the importance of guaranteeing the safety of the brotherly Syrian people and Syria's stability, sovereignty and territorial integration.

The source noted that despite the pretext Turkey is making to justify its act, exposing north eastern areas of Syria to the danger of this aggression has its negative repercussions on the security and stability of the region, particularly undermining the international efforts being made to combat Daesh terrorist organization in those sites.

Source: Saudi Press Agency