Saudi Arabia provides US 18 b worth of humanitarian assistance to alleviate suffering of refugees, report

Riyadh, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia confirmed that it has provided nearly US 18 billion worth of humanitarian assistance to alleviate the sufferings of refugees who were displaced from their homelands.

In a speech during a debate on the high commissioner for refugees affairs report at the third committee as part of the 74th general assembly, third secretary Faisal bin Fahd bin Jadeed said political, economic and social changes have forced vast numbers of people to move to the Kingdom, seeking better living conditions. Accordingly, and upon humanitarian considerations, the Kingdom has taken number of measures to serve this category.

He said the Kingdom has granted more than 50,000 persons the Saudi nationality, and more than 800 identity cards enabling them to move, work, enjoy education, and health care free of charge.

Saudi Arabia grants its nationality to any child whose parents are unknown, he said, adding that the Kingdom is among the world's biggest donors, citing that it has provided more than US 160 million for Syrian refugees and is currently implementing as many as 129 programs through KSrelief in support of refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Greece as well as Yemenis in Somalia and Djibouti.

The Kingdom supported the Rohingya with more than $38 million and the Palestinian people with a total of more than $900 million. In addition, there are 1.74 million refugees living in the Kingdom, but receive visitors treatment upon humanitarian considerations, he concluded.

Source: Saudi Press Agency