Saudi Aramco and Chinese Partners Launch Research Program to Improve Engine and Fuel Technologies

Dammam, Saudi Aramco and a number of Chinese companies including Tsinghua University and Shandong Chambroad Petrochemical Company today announced the launch of a research program aimed at improving fuel, engines and using post-processing technologies.

This is the first time that a major energy company, a motor manufacturer, a petrochemical company and a prestigious university have been working together to develop advanced fuel and engine technologies to reduce emissions. This collaboration aims at developing low-emission engines and fuel technologies that will keep pace with More stringent emission regulations.

Under this research program, Saudi Aramco will introduce new fuel formulations that support its leading gasoline-ignition combustion technology and will develop carbon sequestration techniques to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This collaboration is to find innovative and realistic solutions to reduce carbon emissions while designing more efficient and reliable engines, better fuel performance.

Source: Saudi Press Agency