Saudi Criminal Court sets an alternative date for the accused, Ahmed Al-Tamimi to attend a trial session

Riyadh, The Saudi specialized criminal court announced that, noting that Ahmed bin Rashid bin Saad Al-Saeed Al-Tamimi, a Saudi national according to his civil registration number (1060157052) did not show up upon schedule to attend a hearing session in his capacity as accused, and given that the competent authority of the court was unable to communicate with him or identify his whereabouts, an alternative date has been set for looking into the case, on monday, 25/3/1440 H at 9:30 a.m.

The court hopes that the defendant will be present on time, otherwise, the court will have the right to issue a rule in absentia, as stipulated in Para (3) of Article (57) of the Rules of Legal Procedures and Article (25) of the terrorism crimes and their financing law.

Source: Saudi Press Agency