Saudi Embassy in Beirut urges its citizens to remain vigilant, stay away from protest areas

Saudi Embassy in Beirut has asked its citizens in Beirut to expedite their contact with the Embassy in preparation for their departure from Lebanon.

"Due to the current security situation in the Republic of Lebanon and out of keenness on the safety of Saudi nationals, the Saudi Embassy in Beirut urges its citizens, residing in Lebanon or visitors, to be vigilant and stay away from the places of demonstrations and protests."

The Embassy asked all Saudi citizens who are residents and visitors, in case of emergency, to contact the Embassy at the following numbers:

Telephones of the Embassy in Beirut: 009611762711/009611762722

Saudi Affairs numbers: 0096176026555/0096178803388

Unified Telephone for Saudis Abroad: 0096692003334

Moreover, and in a follow-up statement, the Embassy informed its nationals that Lancaster Plaza Hotel, located in Beirut's Raouche area, has been designated as a gathering point in preparation for their transfer to the airport and their departure from the beloved country of Lebanon as soon as possible."

Source: National News Agency