Saudi-French Business Council’s Delegation Visit to France, resulted in Tangible, Fruitful Consequences

Paris, Led by the Co-chairman of the Saudi-French Business Council Dr. Mohammed Bin Laden, the Saudi delegation of the council concluded a visit to the French cities of Paris and Lyon, with the participation of French Ambassador to the Kingdom Francois Gouyette, and it was accompanied by the French Vice Co-chairman of the council Patrice Valladuza.

The delegation started the visit to participate in the meetings of the Saudi-French Business Council, in its 40th session, during which four commercial contracts were signed, including the Riyadh metro project and the ventilation of underground tunnels.

Later, in Paris, the delegation visited a number of French art companies and museums to discuss opportunities for cooperation and promote the Saudi-French trade exchange.

In Lyon, the delegation met with the Mayor of the city Alain Galliano, who reviewed the tourist side of the city, pointing out the fruitful cooperation between the two countries, in this important sector, praising the cinematic opening which took place, in the Kingdom, and expressing their readiness to cooperate, in this field. .

"The economic partnership between the Kingdom and France has taken on new strategic dimensions, benefiting from the great understanding and harmony between the two countries leaderships, in all fields, especially political ones," said Bin Laden, the Co-chairman of the Saudi-French Business Council.

He pointed out that the Council plays a major role in expanding joint investments base, in the two countries, through various activities, organized by it and the initiatives it is launching, stressing that the French are very open to investing, in the Kingdom, after their investments have totaled SR4 billion, in the Saudi market.

Source: Saudi Press Agency