Sauiroon Bloc Discuss Tomorrow’s Session And Completing The Ministerial Cab

BAGHDAD, A source familiar said that Sauiroon bloc held a meeting today for the MPs of the bloc to discuss the meeting of tomorrow and the completion of the ministerial cab.

The source said in a statement to / NINA /: "The bloc held a meeting of its MPs to discuss on several topics concerning the parliamentary session tomorrow and the role of MPs of the bloc in it."

He added: "The meeting will also address the completion of the cabinet and the outcome of the discussions of the political blocs around it," without giving any further details.

The House of Representatives voted in the early hours of Thursday 25 October to give confidence to Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and 14 candidates from his ministerial cabinet and postponed the vote on 8 other candidates for lack of consensus.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency