Seventeen prisoners killed and injured due to suffocation in Dohuk

BAGHDAD, About /17/ prisoners were killed and wounded due to suffocation in Dohuk.

The Governor of Duhok, Farhad al-Atrushi, announced the control of the situation in Zorka Prison in Dohuk governorate after the prison has witnessed clashes that resulted in the death of a number of prisoners.

"The situation in the prison has been brought under control and there is no problem at the moment," Duhok Governor told a news conference.

He added that the events that the prison witnessed resulted in the death of seven prisoners and the wounding of about 10 others, adding that the events took place in the section of terrorism prisoners and other sections of the prison intact.

Al-Atrushi said that the events took place when a prisoner of Arab nationality set fire to the prison corridor, causing unrest among the prisoners and a number of casualties.

The Governor of Duhok denied any case of beating or shooting by prison guards towards the prisoners, stressing that all the victims were killed by the suffocation caused by smoke rising from the fire in the corridor of the prison.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency