Shamsi, Bukhari tour Chouf district

Saudi Minister Plenipotentiary Charge d'Affaires in Lebanon, Walid al-Bukhari, and UAE Ambassador to Lebanon, Hamad Saeed Al-Shamsi, on Friday visited the Chouf district, touring a number of institutions in the region.

The last stop over within Bukhari-Shamsi tour had been at the residence of "al-Arfan" Foundation head, Sheikh Ali Zeineddine, who hosted a lunch banquet in both diplomats' honor, in the presence of Druze Sheikh Akl Naim Hassan, Progressive Socialist Party head, Walid Jumblatt, and Democratic Gathering head, MP Taymor Jumblatt.

Shamsi and Bukhari's tour included visits to the Ain Wazein Medical Foundation and its integrated medical and academic complex in Al-Shouf, and Prince Shakib Arslan Mosque in Mukhtara to perform Friday prayers.

Speaking in the wake of the tour, Bukhari underlined the deeply entrenched historical relations between the Saudi Kingdom and the Druze community sect in Mount Lebanon, deeming these relations as excellent deeply rooted brotherly relations.

The Saudi envoy said the visit comes to voice the Kingdom's support to Lebanon in all its sects, communities and segments of society, notably the Druze community as an "essential guarantee for Lebanon's patriotism and its Arabism."

"The Kingdom always seeks to maintain the security and stability of Lebanon," Bukhari said, hoping the new government would be formed in the coming days, as PM-designate Saad Hariri expects.

"It is due time to form a balanced government to encourage friendly countries and donors to implement projects that safeguard Lebanon's economy and prosperity," Bukhari corroborated.

Bukhari brought to attention the Kingdom's support to Lebanon demonstrated during three conferences, notably: Rome 2, Brussels and CEDRE.

Source: National News Agency