Shamsi inspects developmental projects in Iqlim Kharroub, hopes swift government formation

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ambassador to Lebanon, Dr Hamad Al-Shamsi, on Friday visited the region of Iqlim al-Kharroub, touring the various UAE-funded developmental projects in the district.

Ambassador Shamsi was accompanied by the Secretary General of the "Future Movement" Ahmed Hariri, representing Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri.

Shamsi's tour included stop overs in the towns of Mazboud, al-Bourjein, Barja, al-Jieh, Ketermaya, al-Maghirieh, Hasrout and Anout.

Speaking during his inspection tour, Shamsi said the projects are undertaken in coordination with PM-Designate Hariri, whom he deemed as "the best representative of Lebanon and public institutions of a country that includes 18 communities."

"He's the right person in the right place," he corroborated.

The UAE envoy also hoped that the Lebanese government will be formed as soon as possible in order to give legitimacy and credibility to Lebanon on international platforms, as well as to address the current socio-economic situation.

Shamsi pointed out that the UAE implements through the Sheikh Khalifa Ben Zayed Foundation several projects up and down the country.

The Ambassador also disclosed that the UAE shall inaugurate a number of projects in several Lebanese regions, underlining that all projects are being coordinated with the PM Hariri and the Lebanese government.

Source: National News Agency