Shankali: KDP Tops The Preliminary Results Of Kurdistan Regional Parliament Elections

BAGHDAD, Former member of parliament of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Majid Shankali that his party tops the results of the parliamentary elections in Kurdistan region.

"According to preliminary results, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) got between 40 to 42 seats and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) between 22 and 24 seats, the Islamic Group 8 seats, the new generation 8 to 9, the Islamic Union and the Islamic Movement between 5 to 6," Shankali told the NNA ".

"The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has won more seats than the previous session. It has increased 4 seats and the PUK has four to six seats, Qorran will lose 8 to 10 seats and the Islamic Union will lose 4 to 5 seats."

The Electoral Commission in the Kurdistan region of Iraq announced the voting percentages in the provincial parliament elections.

It said "The percentage of voting in the parliamentary elections, which amounted to about 57% in the regions of the region."

It added, "The percentage of voting in the city of Erbil, the capital of the province 59%, and 43% in Sulaymaniyah, 64% in Duhok, while the percentage of voting in Halabja 61%.

673 candidates are competing for 111 seats, including 11 seats for minorities under the quota system, 5 for Turkmen, 5 for Assyrians and Christians, and one seat for Armenians.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency