Shbib at Greater Beirut City Horse Racing Award Ceremony: Our goal is to preserve this sport, welcome international horses

Beirut Governor Ziad Shbib patronized Sunday the Greater Beirut City Horse Racing Award Ceremony, disclosing plans to preserve this sport and welcome international horses in Lebanon.

Speaking at the Ceremony organized by the "Protection and Improvement of Arabian Horse Breed" Association at the Beirut Hippodrome, Shbib stated that the aim of this annual Horse Racing Award is "to renew the City's commitment to preserving this historic field, which is an essential part of the heritage of Beirut."

He added that this Award is also intended "to reiterate to all lovers of this ancient sport in Lebanon and the world that Beirut City will maintain the field of horse racing, and will provide it with all means of development, modernization and maintenance."

Shbib hoped that "this sport will continue, and that horse lovers from all over the world will come to celebrate with us and exercise their hobby."

The Beirut Governor concluded by promising to "work on developing this field to receive not only Arabian horses, but also international horses, including English horses, to raise the level of this racing sport."

Source: National News Agency