Situation, in Yemen, Exposes Direct Iranian Support for Full, Complete Coup d’etat, Yemeni Diplomat Says

Aden, The developments, on the ground, in Yemen, expose a direct Iranian support of a fully-fledged coup d'etat, a senior Yemeni diplomat was quoted as telling a group of intellectuals and spectators here in Aden.

Addressing a seminar held today under the motto: Understanding the Yemeni Crisis, the Yemeni Ambassador to Malaysia Adel Bahameed said that, the size of violations committed by the Iran-backed Houthi militias to badly affect the motherland and the citizenry, as well, including targeting civilians, recruiting children, random planting of land mines, using innocent as human beings shields and strenuous seeking to hit the Yemeni fabric, are, but a part of transgressions, to name.

On the other hand, the ambassador reiterated the legitimate government keenness to bring about peace, in the country, and absolute back up of UN led endeavors exerted to realize it, across the embattled country.

Source: Saudi Press Agency