Spokesman of the Saudi Defense Ministry: The Kingdom is Able to Take all Measures to Defend Capabilities of the Homeland 3 Riyadh

"Through these components, the date of manufacturing is in 2019. We know that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has announced in last February that they owned the latest version of cruise missiles. This is the model of the missiles. All information and findings, that we have and retrieved from the site, refer to the quality developed by the Iranian regime to obtain these weapons for use against the infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These are some parts used in the attack with three missiles failing to make their targets. They were heading from north to south. We have retrieved all three missiles except one. We are working on them because they contain explosives," Al-Malki said.

The Spokesman of the Defense Ministrysaid that "this is another cruise missile out of the three. We have information that the total number of drones and missiles used in the attack amounted to 25 drones and cruise missiles."

"This attack was systematic to destroy the infrastructure. The drones and missiles used in the attack show a qualitative and similar capacity to what have been used in Afif and Dawadmi. So, they could not have been launched from Yemen as claimed by Iranian proxies. They are not the people of Yemen, but people who are loyal to the Iranian regime who take their orders from the Iranian regime and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard," he added.

Source: Saudi Press Agency