SSNP Foreign Dean confers with Swiss Ambassador over UNRWA, return of displaced Syrians

In an issued statement by the Syrian Social Nationalist Party on Sunday, it indicated that its Foreign Affairs Dean, Caesar Obeid, met with Swiss Ambassador to Lebanon, Monika Schmutz Kirgoz, with talks centering on the financial challenges facing the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees ( UNRWA) following the cessation of US contributions, in addition to the displaced Syrians' issue.

During the encounter, Obeid pointed to "the humanitarian and moral responsibility which requires the world countries, especially the European states, to support UNRWA to enable it to fully play its role." He stressed "the importance of doubling European contributions to meet the deficit in UNRWA's budget."

On the issue of the displaced Syrians, Obeid briefed the Swiss Ambassador on the Party's "national" initiative regarding their return. "Many countries, primarily the United States, are pressing to prevent the return of refugees in many ways. The Syrian state is always willing to ensure their return and provide them with a decent, stable life, while Lebanon is under heavy economic conditions and cannot bear additional burdens," he emphasized.

In turn, Ambassador Kirgoz said, "The European Union is keen on pursuing the work of UNRWA and making efforts to provide support to this agency in order to carry out its responsibilities towards the Palestinian refugees."

She hoped that "the Arab countries will also contribute to the provision of necessary funding to cover the deficit after the cessation of the US contribution."

On the Syrian refugees' dossier, Kirgoz said, "The humanitarian suffering faced by displaced people requires a serious approach to end their distress."

Source: National News Agency