Suhail: Most Of The Political Blocs With Abdul Mahdi To Complete His Mission Within The Constitutional Time

BAGHDAD, A member of the House of Representatives for (Watan) bloc, Hisham al-Suhail stressed that "most of the political blocs want designated Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi to complete his mission to form a new government within the constitutional time."

He told NINA "The presentation of the cabinet during the next few days is important to strengthen the state of political commitment to constitutional times and reflect the clear desire to finish this file and new government starts its work."

He added, "We hope that the new cab will be in accordance with the positions and statements that it is an independent technocrat government away from any political influences and quota."

He called on the political blocs to "reflect their positions and statements to a concrete reality and work with the designated Prime Minister to accomplish the task without any side effects."

The media office of designated Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi confirmed that the prime minister intents to present his cabinet next week.

The Information Office of Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement yesterday that the designated Prime Minister intends to submit the names of members of his ministerial group next week, and that he is making contacts with the Presidency of Parliament and with the leaders and parliamentary blocs to determine the appropriate day, which will be announced later.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency