Suhail: There Is Agreement To Name The Chairmen Of The Parliament Committees

BAGHDAD A member of the House of Representatives for al-Watan bloc, Hisham al-Suhail confirmed that there is no political consensus so far to name the heads of parliamentary committees and their deputies and rapporteurs."

"There is no political agreement on any committee, especially in the Security and Defense Committee, which is a problem," Suhail told NINA.

"If there is no agreement on security and defense, there is no agreement on the rest, and we try to pass the matter inside the committees," noting that "things are turbulent and cannot be passed in one basket in light of the demands of the blocs and collision with the demands of other blocs."

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halboussi announced at the first session of Saturday that the nomination of candidates of the parliamentary committees in session on Monday, which its agenda is free of this matter.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency