Suspect remanded over religious contempt

Manama: Chief Prosecutor, Nasser Al-Sheeb, has stated that the Public Prosecution had been notified by the Anti-cyber Crime Directorate about a Twitter account being used by its owner to post tweets that infringe on the Islamic religion and vilify its rituals.


Soon after receiving the notification, the Public Prosecution launched an investigation into the matter, and was informed about the tweets in question.


The investigation revealed that the tweets included an assault on the Divine, the Islamic religion and the Holy Quran, as well as an insult to the religious symbols.


The account also contained images bearing the same aspects of transgression, including a picture of the cover of the Holy Quran in a way that mocks it and its verses.


The tweets also deny the Islamic religion’s fundamentals and principles.


Accordingly, the Public Prosecution quizzed the defendant, the account owner, who confessed to what had been attributed to her regarding her assault of religions, including Islamic, its rituals and holy book, in addition to denigrating its symbols.


Investigations also showed that she used to spread her atheistic ideas in this way in order to make others share them.


The Public Prosecution ordered the suspect be remanded in custody, and referred her to an urgent trial.


The Chief Prosecutor affirmed that the Public Prosecution, in its capacity as the representative of society in the matter of the criminal case, stresses respect for its religion and belief, indicating that insulting the community’s sanctities by ridicule and sarcasm does not fall under the concept of freedom of opinion and expression, as it is an infringement of the right of belief of others and an encroachment on their values and fundamentals.


Therefore, the Public Prosecution is responsible for filing criminal cases against the suspect and anyone involved in similar illegal practices.



Source: Bahrain News Agency