Talabani, Maliki Discuss The Situation In Iraq And The Formation Of The Next Government

BAGHDAD, Pavel Talabani, the eldest son of former President Jalal Talabani discussed with the head of the state of law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki the situation in Iraq and the formation of the next government and confidence-building between the Kurdistan region and the Center and solve problems in accordance with the permanent Iraqi constitution.

The PUK's website said "The two parties agreed on the success of the steps to form the new government and start a new political phase in which public interests are protected.

Maliki supported Talabani's attempts to build strong relations between the region and Baghdad and normalize relations in all areas. "

For his part, Pavel Talabani said: "We want to accept the other and to build a joint life, and not allow violating the Constitution and monopoly our rights."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency