Teymour Jumblatt, Abu Faour meet with Lebanese community in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Democratic Gathering Chief, MP Teymour Jumblatt, and MP Wael Abu Faour visited Sunday the United Arab Emirates' capital, Abu Dhabi, at the invitation of the Lebanese Labor Council, where they met with members of the Lebanese expatriate community residing in the city.

Lebanese Labor Council Head, Sufian Saleh, and Lebanon's Ambassador Fuad Shehab Dandan, warmly welcomed MP's Jumblatt and Abu Faour, outlining the Lebanese emigrants' successful achievements and continuous devotion to their mother nation and their long-lasting gratitude to the UAE for the vast opportunities it has offered them.

During their second stop in Dubai, Jumblatt and Abu Faour met with members of the Progressive Socialist Party's electoral machine. Jumblatt thanked all activists who worked for PSP's success in the recent parliamentary elections.

He lauded the "fraternal relations that bind Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates", stressing "the importance of further strengthening and boosting these relations."

Jumblatt highlighted UAE's supportive stances towards Lebanon in various stages, referring to "its embrace of tens of thousands of Lebanese in its institutions and companies."

Source: National News Agency