The European Union agrees with Iraq’s proposal to set a world day for the victims of Daesh

BAGHDAD, The European Union has agreed to Iraq's proposal to set a world day for the victims of terrorism, the Foreign Ministry said.

"The European Parliament voted on the fifth of this month to approve the proposal of the Iraqi Embassy in the European Union to allocate a world day every year as a memorial to the victims of Daesh and Al-Qaeda in the world," the Ministry said in a statement.

It added that the resolution includes several axes in the fields of political dialogue, sector cooperation, institutional relations and the promotion and development of relations between the EU and Iraq, where the resolution calls for assistance to strengthen the political system, democracy, the rule of law and cooperation in many areas that support stability and development in Iraq."

"While the resolution represented an important political message to the world on the strong relations between Iraq and the European Union, the European Parliament urged Member States to move forward in the fight against terrorism and to coordinate efforts and actions that fall within this framework," it said.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency