The general election for the Kurdistan Regional Parliament elections begins today

BAGHDAD, The general election process will began at 8:00 am on Sunday in the Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament elections, which will last till 6:00 pm.

About 3 million people in the Kurdistan region are entitled to cast their ballots in the general ballot, with 29 entities competing for 111 seats in the regional parliament.

The Independent Electoral Commission for elections and the referendum in the Kurdistan region of Iraq announced yesterday, the "success" of the special vote for the elements of the security forces in the provincial parliament elections, and the participation rate reached 91%.

"The special voting process was successful, with more than 156,000 voters voting," UNHCR Spokesman Shirwan Zarrar told a news conference in Erbil.

He pointed out that "the Commission will receive all complaints submitted by political entities on the conduct of special voting starting Sunday, and will be dealt with under the fundamental procedures."

/673 /candidates are competing for 111 seats, including 11 seats for minorities under the quota system, 5 for Turkmen, 5 for Assyrians, and one seat for Armenians.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency