The Human Rights Commission: More than 1,500 women for Daesh are being held in the country’s prisons

BAGHDAD, The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR) has revealed that more than 1,500 women for Daesh from three countries who are being held in a special prison in Iraq with their children.

"Three French women, the wives of the terrorist Daesh elements," were in an Iraqi prison, with two French children, UNHCR member Ali al-Bayati told Sputnik.

Al-Bayati said that a woman with three children, of a German nationality, and three women with three children from South America, were among the families of the terrorist "Daesh" in prison inside Iraq.

"There is no interest in the presence of more than one thousand and seven hundred children and foreign women in Iraq, and the Iraqi government has to ask their countries to receive them and hand them over to their countries because their countries are the ones who bear the cause of their extremist ideology, whether by their own will or by deceiving them, al-Bayati said.

al-Bayati added, but those who are proven crimes can be prosecuted in accordance with Iraqi laws with their countries bear the costs of spending the period of their stay in prison.

The member of the High Commission for Human Rights noted that Iraq bears the burden and the cost of the presence of these women, and children, despite the lack of potential infrastructure or physical or service potential.

The member of the High Commission for Human Rights Ali al-Bayati, has revealed on Wednesday, February 6, a statistic that included the number of Russian women and children, in the prisons of the country.

Al-Bayati said about /70 / women and /124/ children of Russia were in prison in Iraq on charges of membership in the terrorist organization.

Al-Bayati said that the file of foreign women and children from the families of "Daesh" is important and sensitive, and the Iraqi government must end it through the Iraqi law and the judiciary and hand over the children to their families in their countries.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency