The Kurdistan Regional Government forms a committee to prevent violations at border crossings

Baghdad  The Kurdistan Regional Government announced today, Thursday, the formation of a committee to prevent violations of the region’s border crossings.

The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region, according to a council statement, directed the Ministries of Interior and the Peshmerga to form a special and joint force whose mission is to prevent any breaches and legal violations at the border crossings of the Kurdistan region.

Prime Minister Masrour Barzani stressed the importance of making all efforts aimed at organizing and maximizing the financial revenues of the regional government, as part of the reform program for the ninth ministerial formation.

The statement added, “during the meeting, the general outlines of the first draft of the Kurdistan Region budget project for the year 2021 were presented, and the proposals and expectations of the various ministries regarding organizing revenues, reducing expenditures and limiting the fiscal deficit for the year 2021 were heard.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency