The National Security Adviser Meets A Delegation Of Scholars Of The Iraqi Fiqh Academy

Baghdad  The National Security Adviser, Qasim Al-Araji, met in his office today, Sunday, with a delegation from the Iraqi Fiqh Academy, which included a number of religious scholars, imams and preachers of mosques.

Al-Araji, according to a statement by the media office, welcomed the delegation of clerics, scholars and preachers of mosques, praising the role of clerics and scholars in preserving the societal fabric and strengthening the unity of the country’s components, expressing his happiness at the meeting of distinguished scholars and clerics, because it represents a real partnership between state institutions and clerics in building the country and preserving its security and stability.

Al-Araji discussed with the delegation the most prominent files and problems that stand in the way of the integration of work between religious institutions, and promised to put these files before the eyes of the Prime Minister, to take what is necessary in their regard according to the law.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency