The Parliament’s Rapporteur: Controversial Laws Will Not Be On The Agenda Of Today’s Session

BAGHDAD, The rapporteur of the House of Representatives Niasi Myanmar Oglu announced that the agenda of the session of the parliament scheduled to be held on Tuesday will not include a package of legislation and controversial laws.

“The Presidency will discuss the agenda of the session, which will include the presentation of the laws that were postponed from the previous session, including voting on the judges assigned to the Court of Cassation, and presenting the other laws,” Oglu said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency.

“The agenda will not include any of the main controversial laws which will be automatically transferred to the next session,” he said.

He added, “the official ceiling for the end of the work of the House of Representatives under the rules of procedure ends on next June 30, thus the parliament can hold any regular or emergency session during this period to discuss the latest political situation.”

The Presidency decided to hold the session of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, April 17, and will include completing the laws listed to vote in addition to the results of interrogations and the issue of confidence or not.

The House of Representatives officially raised its regular meetings late last month, with the Presidency pledged that the MPs will be informed of the date of the next meeting at a later time later, provided that the agenda of the new meeting in the event of a vote on the conviction or not answers of the ministers questioned.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency