The popular crowd launches a military operation to hunt down elements of Daesh south-west of Kirkuk

BAGHDAD, The popular crowd launched on Wednesday a large-scale military operation to pursue remnants of Daesh in the south-west of Kirkuk.

A statement by the popular crowd said that "the 16th Brigade in the popular crowd launched at dawn today a large-scale military operation to hunt down remnants of Daesh and searching for caches of weapons belonging to the organization in the areas of Rashad district south-west of Kirkuk."

"The operation was based on accurate intelligence information on the presence of Daesh cells and elements in the areas and villages south-west of Kirkuk."

The popular crowd continues a series of military operations to track down remnants of "Daesh" in the liberated areas and villages as part of a strategy to end the presence of cells belonging to the organization.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency