The preacher of the Sadrist movement from Kufa: We must change the government

Najaf  The preacher of the Sadrist movement, Hadi al-Dinnawi, called for a change of government (Shala Qalaa), especially the largest one, which did not offer anything to the people, as he put it.

This came during the political Friday prayer sermon delivered by Al-Dinnawi in front of the followers of the Sadrist movement in the Kufa mosque.

The text of the political sermon stated, “The government is able to build Iraq in all respects and completely, but America and those who oppose it from the educational countries are not satisfied with that. Asking how long will Iraq remain in the hands of the occupation and labor, so we must change the government, especially the big one that until now he did not make some of his promises to the people, but he is against his people. ”

In another regard, Al-Dinnawi called on the doctors and pharmacists to take into account the legal, ethical and humanitarian aspects of dealing with patients, in order to limit the rise in examination fees and the cost of medicines.

At the end of his sermon, he called for mercy on the souls of the martyrs of Al-Tayaran Square bombings in the capital, Baghdad, and prayed for the wounded for a speedy recovery.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency