The PUK responds to Barzani after accusing it of treason: you will lose everything and Kirkuk applied the law

Baghdad, The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan responded on accusations of treason by the President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Massoud Barzani, stressing that "this accusation occurred after Barzani lost the Presidency of the Federal Republic."

"Barzani will lose everything because he seeks to achieve his personal interests without the interest of the people and preserve him, as well as his lack of love for the Kurdish and Iraqi people," the leader in the Union Rezan Sheikh Diller said in a statement that "what happened in Kirkuk last year is not treason but the application of the law and the imposition of control by the federal authority. "

"Barzani's accusations of unionism and treachery came after losing the presidency," she said. "Why is Barzani fighting for the time being to get a number of Ministries as the current government is occupied and the Union is a traitor and a client."

The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Massoud Barzani has attacked, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in memory of law enforcement in the province of Kirkuk, accusing them of "treachery" and described the entry of federal forces to the province as "dark day," stressing that "cannot compromise on identity Kurdistan for Kirkuk ".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency