The Reform Alliance Bloc: The proposed law to cancel the security agreement witch Washington is still exists and the Presidency of the Parliament did not submit it to the relevant committees

BAGHDAD The Alliance of the Reform and Reconstruction confirmed that the proposed law submitted to the Presidency of the House of Representatives on the termination of the security agreement and the third section of the strategic framework agreement signed with the United States of America is still exists, noting that the draft law is not withdrawn.

The head of the bloc Sabah al-Saadi said in a press statement that the "talk about withdrawing of the proposal of the law (great illusion) committed by some people because the subject of national sovereignty is not a subject to compromise and compliments because of meetings or visits."

"The removal of foreign forces, including the US from Iraqi territory and the abolition of foreign military bases in Iraq is one of the most important issues that can not be finalized except by removing the last foreign soldier and closing the last base and camp of US and foreign forces in Iraq."

He added that "the Speaker of the House of Representatives to transmit the proposal of the law, which we submitted to the relevant committees namely security, defense and foreign relations in accordance with the provisions of the rules of procedure and these committees can not decide instead of the Council, and the three Presidencies can not replace the House of Representatives and the abolition of legislative and supervisory powers" , pointing to the insistence to proceed with the legislation of the law as provided by the rules of procedure

Saadi has presented the proposed law to end the security agreement (Sofa) and the third part of the strategic framework agreement on 19/1/2019 and the presidency of the Council has not referred it to the relevant committees as provided for by the rules of procedure.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency