The Tunisian Capital is witnessing the preparatory meetings for the Arab Summit at the level of delegates

BAGHDAD The second day of preparatory meetings for the Arab summit will begin in Tunis Today.

The meeting of the permanent delegates and senior officials will be held on Wednesday, a preparatory meeting for the Foreign Ministers will be launched through a meeting of the follow-up committee to implement decisions and commitments at the level of permanent representatives. "

The Permanent Representative of Saudi Arabia (Presidency of the Summit) will deliver his address to the Presidency, followed by the Ambassador Permanent Representative of the Republic of Tunisia (Presidency of the Summit 30) and the intervention of the Assistant Secretary-General, Director of the Office of the Secretary-General of the Arab League.

The first (closed) working session will be held at which the draft agenda and the draft resolutions will be adopted for the items on the draft agenda of the Summit to finalize the adoption of the draft resolutions. "

The meeting of the Economic and Social Council will be held on Thursday at the ministerial level. "

Next Friday, the meeting of the Council of the League will be held at the level of the preparatory Foreign Ministers of the summit and the meeting of the follow-up committee to implement decisions and commitments at the ministerial level as well as a consultative meeting among the Foreign Ministers.

The official spokesman of the Arab summit, Mahmoud al-Khamiri, stressed in the first press conference to highlight the outcome of the first day of preparations for the Arab summit, which continues until Friday, that developments in the situation in Syria is one of the items of the summit.

He added that the Libyan issue will be discussed during the Arab summit and the emphasis on accelerating the settlement of the crisis in Libya within the framework of the Libyan / Libyan and under the umbrella of the United Nations, pointing out that the crisis in Yemen will be on the agenda of the Arab summit. A political settlement of this crisis in the framework of the return of legitimacy to Yemen, and reduce its repercussions on the Yemeni people, especially the disastrous humanitarian situation experienced by the country.

He also stressed that the Palestinian issue remains the core issue on the agenda of the summit by seeking to reconsider it, stressing that what is known as the "deal of the century" is unacceptable.

The meeting of Arab leaders in the thirtieth session of the Arab summit will be held next Sunday. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency