The US Department Of Energy Is Conducting Research On Natural Gas In Kurdistan Region

Baghdad, The US Department of Energy is conducting research on the natural gas sector in the Kurdistan region. The scientific research will shed light on how to trade in gas resources in the Kurdistan region, and set an appropriate price for it.

The Kurdistan Regional Government aims to set a price for natural gas that would secure the internal need to secure electricity, heating, and industry, in addition to sending part of it to the federal government in Baghdad in addition to Turkey and Europe.

One of the topics that the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government discussed about, during their dialogue on the budget and oil, was the issue of using the Kurdistan Region gas in other regions of Iraq.

The agreement concluded between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Dana Gas, within the framework of the “Pearl Petroleum Consortium”, provides for an increase in the amount of natural gas extraction in the Kurdistan region to approximately 1 billion sigas per day.

And that quantity of natural gas will not only satisfy the internal needs of the Kurdistan region, but is sufficient for export to other Iraqi regions and abroad.

Iraq is the largest consumer of gas after Russia, according to World Bank statistics published last July, as Iraq consumed in 2019 about 18 billion sigas meters of natural gas.

20% of Iraq’s budget goes to secure electricity and fuel, and the Iraqi government is constantly exposed to criticism for the amount of gas it consumes, and instead of paying attention to local sources, it relies on importing gas and electricity from abroad.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency