Three persons killed and 243 others injured in the Iranian earthquake in Kermanshah

BAGHDAD, Three people were killed and 243 others were wounded in a powerful earthquake on Saturday evening in western Iran, the Fars News Agency reported.

Iranian Press-TV reported earlier this day that one person was killed and 140 others were injured.

The US Geological Survey said the tremors were recorded at 22:13 pm on Saturday, GMT, adding that the epicenter was at a depth of 8.3 kilometers underground and 31 kilometers west of the city of Guanarod in the state of Kermanshah.

"Our seismic observatories recorded a 6-magnitude quake measuring nine on the Richter scale in the western Iranian city of Kermanshah at 1:13:26 local time, where it was felt in our eastern borders and in the provinces of Salah al-Din and Kirkuk, in addition to Baghdad, and we did not receive reports of damage.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency