To reduce reliance on the United States .. European calls to form a unified army

BAGHDAD, The European Commission has proposed the formation of an army of the European Union one day, reiterating French President Emmanuel Macaron's call for a genuine European army to reduce reliance on the United States.

Luxembourg's former Prime Minister, Jean-Claude Juncker, is a longtime supporter of the idea that the EU should build a defensive capability in isolation from the US-dominated NATO.

In response to a question about the French President's call for a "European army" and whether UNHCR supports this, UNHCR Spokesman Margaretes Skienas said the new EU project is related to defense procurement and research cooperation as well as to the bloc's new peacekeeping missions outside its borders.

"The Commission is putting forward many initiatives and proposals to gradually begin building a stronger and stronger defense identity in these difficult political times," he told reporters. "I do not think this defense identity will start with an EU army."

"We may see at some point perhaps at the end of this process ... we may see something that people already call an EU army or mobilize resources to make this EU defense identity more clear and useful, he added."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency