To stabilize the Region: Al-Jaafari stresses the need for openness to dialogue with Iran

BAGHDAD, Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari stressed the need for openness to dialogue with Iran.

"There is no choice but to open up to dialogue with Iran, and it must be frank, in which problems are identified and solutions are put in place to achieve stability in the region? he said after a meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers in the context of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

"Iraq has focused on formulating a unified Arab position on the Palestinian issue and we must invest all peaceful opportunities to solve the problems and avoid the specter of war,"Al-Jaafari said, "so as not to return the region to the tragedies and woes in other parts of the world , their blood, and everything related to them. "

On the priorities of Iraq in its participation in the meetings of the General Assembly Jaafari outlined, the priorities are: to maintain the unity of the Arab, and the solution of common Arab problems, and strategic issues such as the Palestinian file, which should be given priority, especially with the increasing challenges, stressing: Arab countries must rise to the level of responsibility for the Palestinian file, as well as the rest of the files.

The meeting also discussed the issue of cutting off US aid to UNRWA.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency