Tueni says Lebanese Lira in good condition

In an issued statement Saturday by State Minister for Anti-Corruption Affairs, Nicola Tueni, he reassured that "there is no fear about the status of the Lebanese pound."

"The proof is that all those who invested in Lebanese pounds since 1995 until today have achieved excellent profits at the exchange rate on the dollar and other currencies," added Tueni, noting that the Lebanese Lira was a main source of profit that surpassed the industrial, agricultural or commercial fields.

He considered that the campaigns against the Lebanese pound and the scientific analyses of the economy lack a historical study of the sources of wealth creation in Lebanon. He noted that such an economic anthropology helps to understand that there is nothing new under the sun in Lebanon, economically-speaking.

"What is therefore required is to alleviate as much as possible the pessimistic approach and conduct a historical study of the public debt in Lebanon and its real reasons," Tueni concluded.

Source: National News Agency