Tunisian President stresses the importance of strengthening Arab cooperation and solving crises

BAGHDAD The Tunisian President BaijiKayed Al-Sibsi stressed the importance of enhancing Arab cooperation and resolving crises.

"To rid the region of its problems is an urgent need," Al-Sibsi said in a speech at the opening of the Arab summit hosted by his country.

Tunisian President BejiKayed Al-Sibsi suggested launching the summit under the name of "determination and solidarity" at the Tunis summit.

The Tunisian President praised the sacrifices made by the Iraqi people in achieving victory on terrorism and hoped that the efforts of the Iraqi people in reconstruction will be crowned with success.

"It is necessary to return the Palestinian issue to the spotlight," he said, stressing that a just settlement of the Palestinian issue is the key to achieving security in the world.

The Tunisian President stressed the need to achieve the path of political solution in Syria. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency