Turkish Ambassador: During his visit to Turkey last year, Abadi Was Informed About Completing Il?su Dam Building And The Date Of Filling It

Baghdad, The Turkish ambassador to Iraq Fatih Yildiz said that his country informed Prime Minister Haider Abadi about building Ilisu Dam and informed him during his visit to Turkey in March 2017 that the construction of the dam has been completed and the time of filling it.

"We are concerned to take the voice of Iraqis to Ankara and the Iraqi reactions to the filling of Ilisu Dam ," Yildiz told a news conference at the embassy today.

"We have always been keen to develop relations between the two countries, especially as Iraq is a coastal country with Turkey," he said, noting that "dams are working to regulate and maintain water in times of drought."

"The Joint Economic Committee of the two countries agreed on the date of storage of water in the Ilisu dam on May 15 and tackling problems after water storage and agreeing to hold another meeting on November 1 to discuss developments and problems," he said.

The ambassador denied " cutting off water completely from Turkey towards the Tigris River," noting that "it was agreed between the two sides to determine the appropriate amount for the dam."

"Water storage in the dam will generate electricity, and when the dam is filled and power is generated, everything will return to normal , Stressing that "the filling of reservoirs will be less than one year."

He added that "The pictures that show Tigris witnessing a drought is not true because the river cannot fall like this two days ago from filling reservoirs."

He added that "Turkey will not take the decision of the water embargo on Iraq absolutely and it will not link the issue of water with a political or commercial issue," adding that" all that has been agreed between Turkey and Iraqi officials since several years and yet dialogues on this side are continuing. "

"We will work with the Iraqi people to overcome the crisis," Yildiz said added "There will not be as much water as before."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency