UAE Ambassador organizes a gathering on diplomacy for peace, honors Archbishop Aoudeh and Mufti Chaar within the ‘Year of Tolerance’ initiatives

Marking the World Peace Day, United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Lebanon, Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi, organized a gathering at the Embassy headquarters in Yarzeh, with "Diplomacy for Peace" as its main theme.

Within the context of the "Year of Tolerance" initiatives, the UAE Ambassador also honored Beirut's Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Archbishop Elias Aoudeh and Mufti of Tripoli and the North Malek Chaar.

Addressing the prominent guests, high-ranking diplomats and senior political officials attending the event, Al Shamsi said in his opening word: "We do not disagree that achieving peace is one of the noblest goals that our diplomatic community seeks to reach."

He added: "We all know that this constitutes many difficulties, which we are working to overcome with a firm will that establishes a better tomorrow."

"Amidst all the differences and conflicts in the world today, we in the United Arab Emirates believe that there is room for hope, and opportunities for peace are achievable, including a wide margin of commonalities that unite instead of divide, and a goodwill that seeks to secure a future that makes this world a better place to live," he went on.

"Our choice to commemorate World Peace Day comes in full harmony with the spirit of the 'Year of Tolerance' and integrates with what the UAE's wise leadership dedicated to consolidating the concept of peace and spreading its culture at the political, diplomatic and social levels," Al Shamsi corroborated.

"My country relies in its practice on fostering a spirit of peaceful coexistence and promoting reconciliatory efforts, a methodology that is successful in international diplomacy," he proudly asserted.

He added: "The UAE government is always looking to the future and has a distinct development experience. One of the keys to our success is to consider any achievement as the starting point for another achievement." He noted herein that this challenge has allowed his country to rank first in the region and seventh in the world on the competitiveness index.

Ambassador Al Shamsi concluded his word by saying: "On World Peace Day, it is a sincere call for concerted efforts and good will to bring people together. With openness, tolerance and brotherhood, we can paint a future on the road to peace."

Al Shamsi then presented both Archbishop Aoudeh and Mufti Chaar with honorable shields in appreciation for their relentless efforts for the sake of spreading peace, kindness, faith and tolerance among citizens and believers.

Source: National News Agency