Unified Arab media stances stressed

Cairo, Information Affairs Minister Ali bin Mohammed Al-Romaihi took part in the 49th session of the Arab Information Ministers' Council in Cairo. Addressing the opening session, he conveyed greetings from His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, who wished the Arab delegations success to enhance the Arab media sand enable it to play its vital role.

He commended Egypt for the hospitality and continuous cooperation, thanking Tunisia for the efforts it exerted as president of the past pan-Arab session.

Al Romaihi stressed the importance of developing the Arab media and standing united in light of challenges facing the Arab nation, including violence, terrorism and the blatant interference in internal Arab affairs.

He underlined the detrimental role of Qatari Al Jazeera TV channel, which set, since its establishment, a bad model of manipulated Arab media, pointing out to the role of the Qatari channel in instilling a new culture which promotes hatred and targets Arab regimes and institutions.

"Al Jazeera thrives on crisis mongering and seeks to portray the current situation as a dispute between an Arab quartet and another country", he said, emphasising that 18 countries severed or lowered their diplomatic relations with Doha regime � including 11 Arab states.

"The people of Qatar is the biggest loser as a result of the policies led by the Doha regime", he said, stressing the role of Al Jazeera which overlooks blatant Iranian interference in the Arab states and seeks to whitewash its image.

Al-Romaihi urged Arab think tanks to lay bare the way billions of dollars were spent, instead of focusing on promoting moderate Islam and providing media support to the Palestinian cause in international arena.

Source: Bahrain News Agency