Urgent .. A Leader in the National Axis Alliance confirms that there is a positive thing in the negotiation of some political blocs to form the largest bloc

Baghdad, The leader of the National Axis Alliance Laith al-Dulaimi stressed that "the meetings of the National Axis continues with all political blocs without exception and there are positive negotiations to form the largest bloc."

He told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) "We met yesterday night in an extended meeting including the brothers with in Saeron and Wisdom and Al-Nasr and to this moment we are at a distance from everyone and we touched a high positive level in the negotiation and harmony with all blocks."

Al-"Dulaimi said that" the political map so far is not clear as required to take the final decision of the alliance to form the largest bloc, which depends on the strength and weight of the blocks. "

He explained that "the National Axis hopes to accelerate the poles of the political process with the other two alliances, so that we can time for rapprochement with the parties meet and agree to form the largest bloc and deal with it more salient."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency