US official confirms his country’s troops will remain in Syria until the defeat of the terrorist Daesh

BAGHDAD, US envoy on Syria James Jeffrey confirmed that US forces will remain in their positions on Syrian territory, until the defeat of Daesh organization.

The US envoy, according to Sky News, "stressed the need to remove the Iranian militants from Syria, describing the Iranian presence, will restore Daesh and Al Qaeda.

Jeffrey stressed that Washington is pushing for a cessation of hostilities and the activation of the political process in Syria.

US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikke Hailey, said earlier that her country will not withdraw its troops from Syria until it achieves its goals.

Hailey said at the time three goals for the United States, namely to ensure that chemical weapons are not used in any way that could jeopardize Washington's interests, defeat Daesh organization, and ensure a good monitoring point to follow up what Iran is doing.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency