US President Donald Trump expresses ‘strong support’ for Argentina

Washington, US President Donald Trump on Tuesday expressed the United States' "strong support" for Argentina and for President Mauricio Macri's efforts to enlist IMF support in tackling his country's economic crisis. Trump said he spoke earlier in the day with Macri who has taken a series of stringent austerity measures to deal with a severe economic crisis marked by turbulence in the currency and financial markets. In a statement, Trump said he reaffirmed to Macri "the United States' strong support for Argentina during this trying time for them."

"President Macri is doing an excellent job with this very difficult economic and financial situation," Trump said. "I have confidence in President Macri's leadership, and I strongly encourage and support his engagement with the International Monetary Fund to strengthen Argentina's monetary and fiscal policies to tackle the country's current economic challenges."

Source: Saudi Press Agency