Victory Coalition: The national meeting of the blocks winning the elections is in the process of convening

Baghdad, The Coalition of Victory announced the holding of several successful meetings of the Preparatory Committee for the national meeting of the blocks winning in the elections.

"The Representatives of 11 electoral entities attended the meetings and formed a preparatory committee and studied the place, time and paper of principles for the meeting, and agreed to hold a meeting of the leaders of the winning blocs after the completion of the principles paper as soon as possible," Coalition Spokesman Hussein al-Adly said in a press statement.

Al-Adly pointed out that "the political blocs and in light of the call made by Al-Abadi continue to engage positively with the project of national meeting, which is hoped to agree on a road map on the state administration program for the next phase and start quickly to choose future formations, including the government after the ratification of the election results."

"It will be soon announced the date of the national meeting of the leaders of the blocs in light of the findings of the Preparatory Committee."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency