WAM Director-General: News agencies should be leaders in switching to new media

United Arab Emirates news agency WAM Director-General and Chairman of the Higher Organising Committee for the Global Media Congress Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi said that official agencies can do many great things and that they are trusted by the public, as they are a source of official news.

"It has become very important today for our agencies to start taking a step forward and be the leader to switch to new media and think about the situation 5 or 10 years from now," Al Rayssi said.

"Will we remain as we are now, and the world is changing with the public? It is clear today with the participation and attendance and the presentation that there is a major transformation, the path and our presence will contribute to benefit from this transformation and take the leadership and not to be a part that only takes the result."

The platforms and dignitaries at the Congress are the biggest opportunity. They are ready and assembled to open relationships with other agencies and to be on a global scale, and not confined to the borders of their region.

Source: Bahrain News Agency