Weapons And Explosives Seized In Baghdad And Tal Afar

Baghdad  Military Intelligence directorate announced the seizure of weapons and explosives in Baghdad and Tal Afar.

A statement by the directorate that the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) received a copy of it, stated “In a pre-emptive operation, the Military Intelligence Division detachments in the 11th Division and the Fourth Regiment, the 44th Brigade, managed to seize a quantity of weapons and ammunition during their inspection of Al-Basateen area north of Baghdad.”

In another context, with a qualitative operation and accurate intelligence, which indicated the presence of explosive materials in one of the abandoned houses in Al-Nour neighborhood of Tal Afar district, and as a result, the Military Intelligence Division detachments in the 15th Division and a force from the 73rd Infantry Brigade were able to reach that house and seized an explosive belt and a 20 containers filled with C4


Source: National Iraqi News Agency