Wednesday Gathering: Berri pushes for concessions to facilitate cabinet formation

Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, said on Wednesday that all the Lebanese political parties were called forth to make concessions in a bid to facilitate the formation of the lengthily awaited cabinet.

Berri's fresh stance came during the weekly Wednesday Gathering meeting, during which the House Speaker also sounded the alarm on the dire economic situation in Lebanon.

This fact ought not to be ignored, especially that Lebanon is different from Iran and Turkey, Berri warned.

Moreover, the House Speaker said that Israel was stepping up its oil activities near the Lebanese border, particularly in "Karich" oil field. Israel has signed a contract with a Greek company to launch drilling on this site as of March 2019, he explained.

Consequently, Berri stressed that the Lebanese state must act quickly to prohibit any aggression against Lebanon's rights, especially in the common oil fields.

"We must act quickly to defend our oil resources, our national sovereignty, as well as our land and sea borders," he concluded.

Source: National News Agency