WFP condemns Houthi militia hindering of assistance distribution on the needy in Yemen

United Nations, The World Food Programme (WFP) condemned today Iran-backed Houthi militia preventing the UN personnel from smoothly distributing food assistance over the needy in areas under Houthi control in Yemen, threatening to suspend the operations due to fears of practices of embezzlement and blockade of the assistance to their destinations.

In a statement, WFP expressed deep concern over the incidents of embezzlements which took place regarding food assistance and changing their directions in areas under control of Houthi militias as they interfere to take assistance to their dependents and followers, change names of beneficiaries and prevent feeding non-loyal, thus obstructing the whole program and its objectives.

The great challenge to our job is not fighting and weapons but the non-compliance role of the Militia leaders in areas they control, the statement said, calling for stopping such behaviors.

The WFP decision of implementing a phased suspension is a last resort, unless the Houthi leaders cease this practice, the statement said, confirming that it will do its best to reach the most vulnerable millions of children and women in Yemen.

Source: Saudi Press Agency