Yemeni army recaptures a series of mountains in Taiz

Aden, The Yemeni army made new advances western Taiz as it tightened its grip on a series of mountains south of Al-Kad-ha mountain, it was announced here today.

A military source told September Net, an online affiliate of the Ministry of Defense, that fierce battles took place against Houthi militias at Al-Wazeyah zone, behind Al-Kad-ha mountain, sustaining them great losses in soul and property.

The giants brigade of the Yemeni army was able to control Al-Tibab, Al-Shohada, Al-Gahra, and Al-Miaiqem series, located in the southern parts of Al-Kad-ha mountain and overlooking Al-Gheel valley from the north, the source added.

Source: Saudi Press Agency