Yemeni HR Coalition for Monitoring Violations, Urges UN to Desist Relying on Houthi, as Source of Information

Geneva, Yemeni Coalition for Human Rights (HR) Monitoring Violations, strongly, expressed serious concern over violations against human rights workers, working with UN organizations or independent workers from other local and international organizations.

Yemeni rights activist Yasser al-Hassani said in a speech to the Human Rights Council here today, that human rights workers, in Yemen are at great risk of intimidation, arrest and other violations that are an obstacle to the performance of their duties, at the hands of Iran-backed terrorist outfits such as Al-Houthi militias and al-Qaeda network.

On the other hand, the coalition called on the United Nations and human rights organizations not to rely on the Houthi militias as a source of information, pointing out that the militias are committing crimes against Yemeni human rights workers as well human rights workers, in general.

He called on organizations working with the United Nations to reach all Yemeni regions and not to adopt the central monitoring mechanism run by the Houthis, to obtain misleading information.

Source: Saudi Press Agency